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History of Warcraft

All games in the Warcraft series have been set in and around the world of Azeroth, a high fantasy setting. In the beginning the series focused on the human nations that make up the Eastern Kingdoms, and the Orcish Horde, which arrived in Azeroth via a dark portal, beginning the great wars. The Orcs came from another world, referred to as Draenor, which then turns into Outland.  Also in the series the world of Azeroth was expanded, revealing the new continents of Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria and Broken Isles, allowing the introduction of the Night Elves, Tauren and other major races into the universe. 

This series started with video games. It has expanded into other media such as tabletop games, collectible card games, movies, magazines, novels and comics.

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