The American Accent Course

Start Speaking CLEARER, MORE CONFIDENT English Today!

If English is your second language and you have been concerned or embarrassed about your accent or pronunciations, you need to check this out.  As adults, we honestly can’t hear the difference between certain sounds and rhythms that are new to us unless someone really points them out.  Until we recognize them and learn how to make them, they will never find their way into our speech.

STEP BY STEP – Discover How You Can Speak Correct English Like an American… 

The American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program for people who have learned English as a second language. Thousands of people have benefited and now you can too!  For many people, an accent is not important.  In some situations it is more concerning. Your work environment….you might need to reduce it to be more easily understood or be more productive.

What You’ll Be Receiving…

  • Over 50 Hours of Training!
  • Your Learning Materials all at once
  • Training on Intonation, Rhythm and Timing
  • Pronunciation of American English Vowels
  • Learn What a Schwa is and Why It is So Important for Learning the American Accent
  • Pronunciation of American English Consonants
  • How to Blend Consonants Together
  • How to Properly Link Words Together
  • Training on Word and Sentence Stress Patterns
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Downloadable Awareness Journal
  • Exercises and Quizzes
  • Optional Private Coaching

So start your training now without delay!  You will be the envy of your family when you finish this course.  Learning to blend in with the natives always brings more confidence in all that you do going forward.