Handmade Soap and Body Products

Made in America is something we do not find a lot of in the world today.  I am glad to introduce these natural soap and body products to you from a family who make their products in America of basic ingredients. These are items that we use every day so this would be something to use and tell others about.

You are about to experience a product with uncompromised quality and functionality and unique ingredient lists. With their research and artistic touch along with their management skills, this company is bringing “Handmade in America” to a whole new level of production, and back up the quality that “Made in America” stands for.  Meanwhile, they hope to recreate the way Americans care for themselves every day, through high quality ingredients, transparency, and pure handmade goodness.  Start here exploring these products!

Natural products (and healthy products) are often thought of as boring and distasteful.

This company is committed to making natural soaps and body products the new benchmark. The Artisan Soaps are a pleasing work of art and also offer amazing skin nourishing benefits. Also, they use sustainably cultivated food-grade plant oils. They scent every product with only pure therapy grade essential oils sourced from farms all over the world.  Each bar has generous amounts of additives sourced both locally and worldwide through fairtrades.

They include items such as exotic butters, oils, herbs, seeds, flowers, extracts, raw honey, goats milk, yogurt, etc. that may help many different skin types. Many varieties are totally vegan.

In addition, this company believes in listing each ingredient, even the essential oil blend, realizing that transparency is everything to the consumer.  The Spa Minerals are made with essential oils and natural salts from around the world.  This also includes the beautiful Himalayan Pink salt.  The lotions, creams, scrubs, lip balm, and the other products are made with the best available natural ingredients.

Therefore, always encourage others to conserve, re-use, recycle, and make the world a better place for all!   See this company story here!